JAMES’ principles in working with you:

  • Exclusivity and confidentiality at all times
  • Meticulous handling of each home-buying detail
  • Positioning offers that create an advantage over others in the competitive Central Florida market
  • Tapping his endless energy and ability to work smarter, harder, and more efficiently than anyone else in the industry

How the home-buying process works:

1.  Meet with you to understand and discuss your needs and criteria for your new home
2.  Identify a targeted list of prospective properties.
3.  Tap into James’James Stank extensive network and relationships with other realtors to discover unlisted properties.
4.  Tour homes—when and where you like.
5.  Discuss homes to pursue and develop your strategy for offers.
6.  Present offers and negotiate purchase.
7.  Complete an array of inspections to ensure your home is sound.
8.  Supply you with the top title and mortgage brokers in the industry.
9.  See the deal through to the very end and hand over the keys to your new home.