My experiences living in Central Florida over the past 20 years has provided me with the local expertise which enables me to deliver a wealth of local real estate knowledge while providing service that is handled with care, ethics, dedication, and utmost importance.

Why Buying a Home without a Realtor® is not a Good Idea?

Congratulations to you if you have decided to buy a home for your family. Many buyers today are trying to purchase a home without obtaining the services of a realtor. This stems from their desire to save their hard earned money by getting a better deal from the seller. These buyers believe they can convince the seller to lower the asking price as a buyer’s agent does not represent them. It is indeed a very alluring idea to be able to save thousands of dollars which is what 3-6% fee of a realtor turns out to be during this huge financial transaction. What most buyers do not realize is the fact that the seller pays the fee of the buyer’s agent. Seller pays the commission to both the buyer’s agent and their agent. Yes, you can hope to do all the paperwork and legal formalities on your courtesy apps and services available on the web, but buying real estate is a tricky business, and any mistakes or lapses on your part can cost you dearly.

Realtor provides services far exceeding the amount of money they receive from the seller

Yes, you can theoretically save your money, but you enjoy dedicated and expert services of a professional for weeks, even months during the buying process. This professional wages the battle on your behalf and negotiates with the seller’s agent on the asking price. They iron out all the wrinkles from the buying process with their sheer knowledge, experience, and a strong network in the real estate market. Compare this with the half baked knowledge you get from realty websites like Zillow,, and other such sites. It is true that almost every single home buyer today begins his search for homes online using the listings on these websites, but this list is nothing when compared to the knowledge of a realtor about the houses for sale in a given area. These professionals spend time on the field, have contacts and information such as pocket listings, and they have the most current and updated knowledge of properties for sale in a neighborhood.

You cannot rely on the half baked knowledge obtained from the internet

For example, Zillow has its estimate for every house that is listed and previously listed. They call it “Zestimate.” It has been found that these estimates are often inaccurate and the variations in prices of properties, in reality, have dampened the spirits of many buyers in the past. This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. As a purchaser, you face many awkward and unexpected situations when you do not have an agent by your side. With no agent to represent the buyer, the seller’s agent gives you the option of a dual agency. The seller’s agent, in theory, is suppose to look after your interests during the transaction. Though it appears to be enticing, you should not agree to this proposition as a seller’s agent will always have the benefit of the seller in his mind. They also pocket majority of the entire commission received from the seller as a fee since there is no agent on your side to split the commission. On the other hand, your agent can negotiate with the seller to get the asking price lowered among other stipulations that can be worked into the deal using educated negotiating tactics. They always have your best financial interest in mind. A real estate agent proves to be an invaluable help whether it is during the negotiation round with the seller or when handling the legal contracts for the closing of the transaction. No matter how much you consult realty websites; there can be no substitute for the real world experience of a Realtor.

Agent calms your nerves when buying a home in a new area

If you are purchasing a home in a new area that you do not know much about, the experience and the knowledge of local realtors prove to be crucial. It can be very daunting for you to know about all the aspects of life in a new locality. You can rely on the knowledge of your realtor to guide you in a fair and honest manner in this regard.

The best skills of a buyer’s agent are seen on the negotiation table where your realtor tries everything in his might to get the price lowered in your favor. They know how to negotiate with stubborn sellers while they also have the experience of dealing with other types of sellers.

A Realtor can help save a lot of time and effort

Last but not the least, you do not know how much time and effort buying a home is going to take. It is certainly not a weekend project that you can complete without any hiccups. But if you have a buyer’s agent by your side, you can be pretty sure of going through the procedure in a smooth manner and in a short period of time.

It is a good idea to hire the services of a local and experienced buyer’s agent to make the process smooth and easy. Please contact me today for any of your Central Florida real estate needs.




Why you Should Buy a Vacation Rental Home in Orlando

Vacation Rental Home

If you are a foreigner coming to Central Florida every year to have a family vacation, you must be spending a lot of money on accommodation here in hotels. How about using these thousands of dollars to pay for the monthly installments of a mortgage loan to buy a vacation rental home for you in Florida? The money that goes into thin air in the form of hotel room tariff gets utilized and helps in purchasing a property for you. This is indeed a very alluring idea, and many foreigners have been able to buy vacation homes for themselves in this way.

Orlando will remain number one tourist destination for some time

Orlando has today become number one tourist destination in the world with more than 50 million tourists arriving here to enjoy their annual vacations. Universal Studios, Disneyworld theme park, Lego Land, Sea World and many other attractions are situated in and around Orlando. It is not just wholesome family entertainment but also world class shopping and dining facilities that serve as a magnet for the vacationers. On top of shopping malls and restaurants is the warm and sunny weather that attracts families to Orlando. Add to these world class golf courses and Orlando becomes a complete vacation package for people around the world. Because of these reasons, many foreigners are choosing Orlando as their home after retirement. Orlando has a family friendly atmosphere, and there are also many high-quality schools to take care of the education of your kids.

The money you pay to stay in hotel rooms can buy you a property

Why pay thousands of dollars to owners of hotels and resorts for accommodation when you can live in Orlando for free in your own home? Yes, it is pretty much possible to buy a rental vacation home and rent it out to other tourists for the duration when you are not using it for your own needs. However, the location, size, and the amenities in the property matter a lot to be able to get the kind of annual rental income that you are dreaming from your investment. You cannot hope to make the same kind of rental income from a single family home in a discreet location in Orlando as you can when your location is in a resort community and packet with the kind of amenities that tourists expect in their accommodation when they come here on vacation. Buying the right property in the right location is the key to making your endeavor of rental income from a vacation home in Orlando a reality.

Choose the type of property wisely

The size of the house is as important as its location. If you do not know where there are so many properties for rent available in Orlando in beautiful localities and gated communities, you could face cutthroat competition from their owners. One area where it is little or no competition is the luxury real estate market. You can hope to face very little competition when you buy a large property containing 8 or more bedrooms. This is because people come to Orlando in groups and often there are several families or friends in a large group arriving here to enjoy their vacation. These groups love it when they can rent a ten room house as all members of the group can stay together. This is not the case when they are forced to get 2-3 houses for rent in different locations.

You will be surprised to know that big houses with ten bedrooms and ten bathrooms are fetching their owners more than $750 per night if they’re located inside a modern resort community. Even if one assumes 60% occupancy for these homes, it turns out that owners are getting a net income of more than $80000 every year by just renting them. On an average, the break-even occupancy rate that you require to be able to pay off your monthly obligations to the lender is 20-22%.

Property should be nice and full of amenities

Another thing to keep mind is the fact that most of the homes are being booked by families and groups online. They do this before arriving to face no difficulties after landing in Orlando. This means you need to pay attention to the exteriors and the curb appeal as much as to the interiors of the property you are planning to buy. Women love to book homes where excellent facilities are provided in kids’ bedrooms. They also satisfy themselves by taking a look at the kitchen and the bathroom before giving their nod to a property reservation. Living in Central Florida for over 30 years I know the area like the back of my hand. My team and I would consider it a privilege in assisting you and your family in finding a vacation home today. 




Just Listed- Beautiful Residential Lot Ready to Build in Davenport, FL

Vacant Residential Lot Ready to Build in Davenport,FL

Beautiful vacant residential lot located just 5 minutes from the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center and 25 minutes from Theme Parks! This slightly shy of a 3/4 acre lot is practically ready to build! Owner is willing to provide blue-prints ($5000+ value ) for an amazing home with full asking price purchase to buy contract. Davenport, FL continues to grow with a median home value rising over 7% in the past year. Families looking to live outside the city but still within minimal travel times to major highways have recognized Davenport, FL as a true value and great place to live.

North Blvd. W , Davenport, FL 33837Davenport. FL Vacant lot

Orlando Sentinel Open House Weekend

Orlando Sentinel Open House Weekend!  If you are looking to purchase a home or even out and about for a nice weekend stroll, make sure to stop by the many homes that will be available to see throughout all of Central Florida. Saturday-Sunday May 21-22nd.


Lake Serene Drive

8316 LAKE SERENE DR. ORLANDO, FL 32836 – Listed by James

We are proud to be the listing agent for this beautifully remodeled 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom custom home in Phillips Landing.

8316 Lake Serene DrThis home will not be on the market for long.  Inside, you’ll find beautiful bamboo floors and an open floor plan with floor to ceiling windows that allow for amazing views of the custom pool and pond.

View details here –> 8316 Lake Serene Dr.

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